The Days of the Son of Man #returnofChrist

13 Sep

Lightning 3I have been posting about the return of Christ.  We saw the warning He gave to His disciples that He would not return in their lifetime.

Then he said to his disciples, “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it.  Men will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’  Do not go running off after them.  For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other.”
Luke 17:22-24

He had to tell them the truth.  They weren’t going to see the days of the Son of Man.  Now that’s a term we need to understand.  He had never yet used that term with His disciples before that day.

The days of the Son of Man.  What does the Lord mean by that?  We’d better find out.  Let’s look carefully at the words of the Lord as He explains it to His disciples.

Even though this was for the disciple’s benefit we must not miss the very important statement that Jesus made.  He talked about the days of the Son of Man culminating in His day.  Notice that He says in verse 24, “For the Son of Man in his day…”singular.

The word day means one literal twenty-four hour day.  So what we see are “the days of the Son of Man” leading up to “the day of the Son of Man.”  Thankfully He’s not finished with His explanation.

“But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.”
Luke 17:25

Here Jesus explains to them what He’s going to do.  He still hadn’t died yet and the disciples needed to prepare themselves for the shock of seeing their Messiah hung upon a cross.  Unfortunately, the disciples never really heard what Jesus said, and ultimately were taken by surprise by the death of the Lord.

We are now going to look at verse 26.  Please read it carefully because a lot of people use these comparisons out of context and twist them all around to mean something other than what’s written.

“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man.  People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.”
Luke 17:26-27

Notice that Jesus again uses the phrase “the days of the Son of Man.”  It will be just like in “the days of Noah.”  Notice “the days of the Son of Man” culminates in “the day of the Son of Man.”  Compare that to “the days of Noah” culminating in “the day Noah entered the ark.”  It was on that day that the flood came and destroyed them all.

This is important, and I will talk about it in detail in my next post.

Question: Do you see the importance of the particular words Jesus used to teach His disciples?  Why are they so important?

© Nick Zaccardi 2013

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