Walking Like Jesus

02 Jul

I John 2:6
Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.

This is one of the toughest assignments we could ever have been given.  It could take someone his whole life just to get started.  Fear, pride and other things will keep some from accepting the gift of salvation until they are much older.  Personally, I’m glad I accepted Christ at a young age.

In this verse, however, John is not talking about our initial conversion to Christ, but rather our ongoing walk with Him.  There are many aspects of this walk that I have heard people talk about.  Loving one another, sharing the good news, and praying for the sick are just a few.

From what I’ve seen there is a major part of Jesus’ life that most Christians never even hear about, let alone imitate.  I am talking about the many times that Jesus went to a solitary place just to be alone with the Father.  It was during these times that He received the strength and guidance needed to fulfill His public ministry.

So, in my opinion, if Jesus needed this in His life, if He felt He couldn’t complete His call without it, then who am I to think I can get by without these private times in the Lord’s presence.  That is why I put together these devotions.  I want as many believers as are able, to experience this incredible meeting of them and God in that secret place.

Spend time in the Father’s presence today.  Find there what your soul needs to carry on.

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