The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father

12 May

Matthew 6:9-13
“This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.’”

At one point in Jesus’ ministry, His disciples came to Him with a question.  They understood the power of Christ was based upon His prayer life.  They wanted to learn how to walk in that kind of intimacy with God.  So, they came to Jesus for His word on the matter.

Of course, the Lord was more than willing to show the disciples the starting point for a rich relationship with God.  Yes, I said starting point.  The so called Lord’s Prayer is not the ultimate prayer we can offer.  It is the first baby step that Christ gave to His followers so that they might walk the path of prayer.

This short glimpse into the realm of prayer is the foundation for all of the things we converse with God about.  It is so rich in truth that I will have many future posts dedicated to this teaching of Christ.  But for now, I want to talk about the focus of this prayer – the One to whom it is addressed.

OUR FATHER!  Some of the most amazing words in Scripture.  Jesus didn’t say, “My Father.”  He called God “Our Father.”  This is something that the people of God need a fresh revelation of.  The God of Heaven, Creator of the universe, Savior of all mankind, allows me to call Him “Father.”

There is a lot of blessing tied up in that name.  He is not a god far off and unconcerned with our needs.  Our Father cares about us, no matter how great or small the matter we bring before Him.  He is not a god looking for a reason to destroy us for any little fault.  Our Father loves us and wants the best for us – leading us with His hand of mercy and grace.

Spend some quality time getting to know our Father today.  Meditate upon this all encompassing truth.  Let it reshape your prayer life so that it is something you look forward to each day.

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