12 Apr

Psalm 41:12
In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever.

Here is a concept all but lost in this society.  We have no understanding of true integrity.  It is not an acting role we can put on in front of people.  Integrity can only be seen when the crowds are gone.

For instance, if I were at home, I would never think about throwing a piece of trash on my front lawn.  After all, what would the neighbors think.  But when I am all alone hiking in the woods, miles from the nearest road, it is so easy to just drop that candy bar wrapper on the ground.

Integrity is not how good you appear in front of people.  It is maintaining your same level of discipline even when there is no one else around.  It is the ability to live your life knowing that God sees all.  He is our constant companion.

Upholding integrity and acknowledging the presence of God are two things that must go hand in hand.  It is in these private places that we can cultivate both of these qualities.  When we are alone, with no one else around, we must learn to sense the Lord’s Spirit with us.  This makes it easier to live for Him when no one is looking.

Spend some quality time with Christ today.  Make an effort to acknowledge His presence with you throughout the day.  Instead of asking, “What would Jesus do?”, ask, “What would I do if I saw Jesus walking beside me?”

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