God Words – Awesome

05 Mar

Have you seen anything awesome lately?

Psalm 47:2
How awesome is the LORD Most High, the great King over all the earth!

I have been thinking lately about our language.  Particularly, the words we use.  Words that have become commonplace in our everyday speech patterns.  I wonder about them.  Now I want to give my humble opinion about what I call God words.  These are words that really can only be applied to God and His works.

The first I thought about was the word awesome.  It’s a word I hear used all the time – about everything.

“Awesome cookies.”

“That movie was awesome.”

“You did awesome on that test.”

Is that really how this word should be used?  I looked it up in the dictionary. Under awesome it said, “Inspiring awe.”  That didn’t help too much.  What’s awe?  The dictionary said, “Reverential fear, dread mixed with veneration.”  Now tell me, does that really describe a cookie?

I am reminded of a trip I took as a chaperone of high school students.  Some of them were city kids who had never been away from home.  At one point we took them to see the Grand Canyon.  When the view suddenly opened up, there was silence.  These students who were always laughing and joking about everything were standing there with their mouths dropped open, unable to speak.  That is awe.

The next time you hear or use the word awesome, let it remind you of its true meaning and the awesome God that we serve.

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